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10 Literary Landmarks to Visit in L.A.

So you’re going to AWP in Los Angeles. You’re geared up to attend every session you can, network like you’ve never networked before, and hit that bookfair hard. But sooner or later you’ll need a break. We’ve already given you some AWP advice, whether you’re attending as a...

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The Importance of a Writing Community Beyond the Classroom

Congratulations! You’ve just finished your first writing class. You’ve poured out your heart to a handful of people, and they, in turn, have done the same. You’ve supported and encouraged each other; you’ve provided and have been given valuable feedback. You’ve come to rely on each other as a...

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16 Ways for AWP16 Exhibitors to Get the Most out of the Bookfair

You're up to speed on how you can survive and thrive at AWP as a participant. How about as a bookfair exhibitor? It's a lot of work, but there are ways you can succeed. Today we look at 16 of them. 1. Publicize, publicize, publicize You know how many exhibitors there’ll be at...

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13 Writerly Ways to Survive and Thrive at AWP

There are three little words that strike a chord of fear in many a writer’s heart. No, not “no unsolicited manuscripts.” A ... W ... P. We know, we know. They’re letters, not words, but if you’ve ever attended an AWP conference, you know what we mean. The hundreds of events, nearly one...

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Exciting news! Wet Ink has a blog

Exciting news! The online writing platform you know and love now has a blog. We’ll be posting all sorts of good writerly stuff, including Wet Ink product updates, reminders about features, any upcoming events, and more. We hope our blog will be the go-to place for tips, advice, and inspiration for writing instructors,...

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